What’s church for?

Contrary to popular belief, Christians have not got everything sorted out. Some Christians may give this impression, but they are wrong, even if it was not their intention to do this. The Church (big C) comprises all those people who have put their faith and trust in Jesus. In doing so, they have admitted to themselves and to God that they are inadequate and they have turned to God for help. Having done this it makes little sense to then turn round and try and convince the world that they are ‘perfect’.

However, rather than just accepting that we are less than perfect, the goal of the Christian should be to become more and more like Jesus. It’s a tough call and one which left to our own devices would be guaranteed to end in failure, at least in this world! But one of the fundamental truths of Christianity is that we haven’t been left to do it by ourselves. Each Christian is promised the presence of the Holy Spirit to not only be with them but to live in them. It is the indwelling Holy Spirit who teaches us and helps us to learn how to live.

Although becoming a Christian is a personal decision, Christians are also part of the ‘body’ of Christ. So we make up a community which is meant to show to the rest of the world what God is really like. Of course we do this as individuals but also as a community. No one person has all the skills and shows all of the characteristics God is looking for. But together, the Church (that’s all the Christians together) can provide a much clearer picture. At least, that’s how it’s meant to be. Not always the case I grant you, but that is what being ‘the church’ is really all about.

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