What, me a Christian?

Become a Christian? What me? You must be joking! People have various ideas about who or what a Christian is or should be. Quite a few don’t even entertain it, or at least brush it off lightly as if they don’t wish to take it seriously. Others think we are born as Christians since we live in a Christian country, although that may now be a minority viewpoint. There are also plenty of people who will criticize the church because they or someone they know may have had a ‘bad’ experience. It is highly likely though that unless you have looked into this for yourself, you will be labouring under quite a few misconceptions. Church life in general is probably not what you think it is!

There are various courses you may attend if you wish to find out more about what it means to be a Christian. Courses such as the Alpha Course or Basic Christianity are run in numerous centres and generally work well, although as ever it does depend on who’s organising them.

They are not always everyone’s cup of tea but they can be a good starting point. If you would like to know more and need help either finding a course which is operating in your area or in a local church please get in touch.

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