A Question of Theology

It has been said that “the problem with theologians is that they are always answering questions nobody else is asking.”

Many people are put off by the idea of engaging in theology, but most people find themselves at some time in their life either thinking or discussing one of the following topics. Theology should not be viewed as an academic philosophical exercise but more a way of seeing things from God’s perspective. It should in fact be an intensely practical exercise in finding out what God has said, what God is like and how this affects the way I live my life.

The list can be added to, so if you have any questions, use the response form to put in a request.

  1. What is God like?
  2. Can we believe the Bible?
  3. What is the evidence that Jesus was a real person?
  4. Why do we need the church?
  5. I’m a good enough person surely?
  6. What about evil and natural disasters
  7. What happens when we die?

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